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About Us

What we do

IT DBA / Analytics / Business Intelligence

Our consultants have years of experience working NGOs, SMEs, and other entities transition to developing regions, and have a portfolio of businesses in Haiti that has us to thank for their modernized IT infrastructure and analysis techniques.

Allow us to bring our expertise to your team.

Business Development

Our business development services include market studies, cost-benefit analysis, feasibility research, and demographic studies.


Our goal is to help you understand every facet of your business endeavor and maximize the likelihood of success


Our Approach

We desire to help facilitate the Haitian labor market by offering all participants a place to facilitate staffing activities at all levels of the economy.  We provide unrestricted access to our forums for that specific purpose.  We also provide timely updates concerning news relating to Haiti's job market, and periodic assessments that quantify job loss and gain at the macroeconomic level.  Where we provide the most value is by directly working with applicants and employers in finding the best possible matches in the least amount of time for the least amount of cost.